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Finding Balance

We caught up with Sascha Orlievsky, co-founder of HOUSE OF SCULPT — an online and in-person pilates studio dedicated to offering feel good movement without the BS. We have been a follower of HOUSE OF SCULPT for some time now and we were keen to hear how Sascha was finding business life and most importantly how she manages to stay present and keep a balanced life.  


Loess: Tell us about the early days for HOUSE OF SCULPT and how you and Nic formed such a powerful partnership?
Sascha Orlievsky: HOUSE OF SCULPT officially launched in April 2022. We felt the ick big time with the fitness and wellness space. Detox this, dieting that, slim down here, tone up there. Our biggest why behind HOUSE OF SCULPT is changing the lens around why we move. Movement is a privilege and it should be seen that way. Let’s move to feel good and the rest will fall into place.
It began in a work staff room at a ballet school we were teaching at. Bonding over our love for Pilates, food and wine we instantly knew we were going to be friends. After zooming our way through the first lockdown a good idea and a dream location (Tamarama S.L.S.C.) presented itself. Sculpt by the Sea (our first baby) kicked off in October 2020 – it was the Jane Fonda-eqsue studio of our dreams. After attending Pilates class after Pilates class where we felt on the outer we wanted to create an environment where people could come and have fun, hang out, feel inspired, laugh and carry on a bit. We attracted a community of welcoming, vibrant individuals where Sculpt & Swim quickly became the ritual of the summer! A building demolition and the never ending pandemic later we knew zoom wasn’t serving our community in the way we wanted. We put everything we had into building an on-demand movement platform that felt indulgent and yummy which is now HOUSE OF SCULPT.


L: What does the everyday week look like for you?
SO: The fun and chaotic reality of running a small business is that no two weeks are the same! Some weeks are filled with filming classes for our online platform and content shoots, whereas other weeks Nicole and I are head down creating marketing strategies and planning our next challenges. One thing that is constant is that we are down at Bondi Beach at 6am with our beautiful community most days of the week!


L: Whats been the biggest challenge you have faced with running your own business?
SO: Things always take longer than you expect, there are always hiccups along the way and you will be tired. So forever learning to be flexible, patient and hopeful.


L: Do you have any daily rituals you follow?
SO: A morning coffee by the water, a HOUSE OF SCULPT class and a yoga nidra meditation.


L: What’s inspiring you at the moment?
SO: Nicole is my forever inspiration! Her motivation, creativity, work ethic and outlook is unlike anyone I know and I always look up to her.

Make sure to start small so that the routine is achievable.”

L: Running your own business can be challenging so how do you find balance?
SO: Having the knowledge that motivation is often the result of action – not the cause of it – is soooo helpful for getting into a balanced and healthy routine. It means that getting started, even in very small ways, is a form of active inspiration that naturally produces momentum. Make sure to start small so that the routine is achievable, write down what you plan to do and reward yourself when you do it! It’s about being kind to yourself and challenging any “all or nothing” attitudes.


L: Where can we find you on the weekend?
SO: Swimming, sipping and sculpting!


L: What are you reading / watching / listening to at the moment?
SO: Reading ‘Master and Margarita’, watching ‘Boy Swallows Universe’, and listening to ‘Nothing Burns like the Cold’ on repeat.


L: Favourite weekend vacay?
SO: Going down the south coast to explore nature and swim!

L: What can’t you leave the house without?
SO: Phone, keys, mini perfume, and eyebrow pencil.


L: When choosing a perfume, what type of scents are you attracted to?
SO: Something unique, woody and more unisex. That’s why I love Céder! Also the bergamot *chefs kiss*

Sascha wears Céder, 50ml
Hints of Bergamot, Cedarwood, Tobacco

L: We love hearing about businesses who are using their platform for good – tell us a brand you think people need to know about.
SO: Mother SPF, Pinky & Kamal, Sun Rituals, Made By Molly


We hope you were inspired by this read. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend heading over to HOUSE OF SCULPT and signing up for either their in studio classes or getting the online subscription.


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