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“Celebrating our innate connection to the earth while striving to be a changing force
for good."
About Loess
We are an Australian-made lifestyle brand that’s driven by our ethical and sustainable ethos. We create nature-inspired scents, and we pair minimal design with conscious living.

Founded by Amy and Nick, Loess fragrances are made in Sydney and bottled in bespoke vessels. Our fragrances are naturally made from high-quality ingredients - no nasties, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and our packaging is ethically sourced and 100% recyclable.

We’re passionate about making positive changes for our planet. We're not perfect, but each day we're actively making conscious decisions within our business to lessen our impact on the environment, promoting more ethical and sustainable practices, and being part of the conversation.
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A luxury that knows no bounds and encourages you to look within. That’s inspired by nature and the imperfect beauty of our raw and vast landscape. From the scents we create, to the impact we have on our land and the environment, we care about the consequences of our choices and actions, and believe in creating positive change for a better future.
About the founders
australian duo amy and nick

Loess is so much more than a fragrance. It’s a passion project that brings together Amy’s love for high-end fragrances and Nick’s instinct to help others. Amy, a creative soul with a background in branding and digital marketing, and Nick, with a finance background and interest in design, create the perfect combo – a dreamer and a realist, both with an underlying desire to bring meaningful change in their day-to-day while creating something beautiful. This is the foundation of Loess.

Founders: Amy Louise & Nick Morley

Giving Back

We want to help create a better tomorrow; for the planet and the people. That’s why we’ve partnered with i=Change to donate $1 from every sale made through our website to one of three organisations that are making a difference, and the choice is yours. When completing your purchase, the three charities you can select from are: Seabin Project, Plan International or Greening Australia.

Seabin Project - Clean The Sea

$1 removes 1.2kg of plastic and debris from the sea.

Over 160 million tons of plastic is produced each year to create single-use disposable items and packaging. With no established system to close the loop, this has led to over 70 years of accumulation of plastics in landfills (40%) and the environment (32%), with only 10% being recycled. Plastics end up in waterways and oceans, breaking down into ever smaller pieces called micro-plastics, well known for entering the food chain through the water, air, and food we consume. Seabin removes floating plastics as small as 2mm, filtering 600,000L of water per day from oil and surface pollutants.

Plan International - Protect the Most Vulnerable

$2 provides access to clean water, soap and sanitation.

COVID-19 poses a catastrophic threat to those living in vulnerable communities around the world. From refugee camps and remote regions of Asia and the Pacific to food-insecure countries in southern Africa. The simplest way to halt the spread is by social distancing and good hygiene, but over 2.5 billion people live without access to running water. Without basic sanitation, vulnerable communities will be decimated by COVID-19. Plan International is expertly placed to respond to this crisis and support vulnerable communities globally with hygiene kits, clean water and crucial public health information.

Greening Australia - Restore The Land

$50 plants enough trees and shrubs to store 1 tonne of carbon dioxide Greening Australia aims to restore 330,000 hectares of native trees across Australia by 2030. Drawing on the expert input of Traditional Owners, scientists and local land managers, we will plant 500 million trees and shrubs to store carbon, create quality habitat for native wildlife, and restore degraded farmland.

These 500 million trees and shrubs will absorb over 1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by 2030 and reduce atmospheric carbon pollution. This is one of the world’s largest and most ambitious ecological restoration programs.

10% Charity Donation Each Quarter

There are countless charities working hard to look after our planet and provide help to those in need and we want to support as many of them as possible. This is why we’re committed to donating 10% of our profits to a different charity every three months.

This quarter we’re supporting Wayside Chapel – an organisation that provides crucial support and services to Sydney’s homeless since 1964 and places dignity, respect and love at the heart of their approach.


We care about the consequences of our choices. That’s why we’re continuously refining how we do things to ensure we leave as little impact on the environment as possible. As a small business, we know there’s always room for improvement, so please let us know if you have any feedback about how we can do better at

Thoughtful Production

Our fragrances are thoughtfully produced in small batches to avoid mass production and unnecessary waste. From time to time, our product may only be available via pre-order as a result of this.

Vegan Friendly & Cruelty-Free

Loess fragrances do not contain any materials, ingredients or components that have been derived from animals, and they are never tested on animals.


Our fragrances are created using natural, sustainably sourced and high-quality materials from around the world, and they are International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and Research Institute of Fragrance Materials (RIFM) compliant. Each scent is free from Phenoxyethanol, Nitro or Alicyclic Musks, Artificial Colorants, Compromises and is formulated with non-denatured organic, food-grade grain alcohol.

On average, each scent comprises 90% natural or naturally derived ingredients, with the remaining 10% coming from nature-identical ingredients (commonly known as safe synthetics). Safe synthetics are often used as a substitute for ingredients where the natural compound is extracted from animals or a scarce resource.

Natural – Raw plant materials that have been isolated by purely physical means (essential oils, absolutes, resins).

Naturally Derived – Ingredients that have been extracted/isolated from a natural source and modified.

Nature Identical – a synthetic ingredient produced to mimic a natural ingredient.


Our packaging ethos is to create minimal design whilst using ethically sourced materials. As our bottles are made of glass, they are fragile and require a certain level of protection to ensure they arrive safely to you. However, we are always conscious of only using necessary packaging.

Our packaging is FSC Certified, Acid-free, elemental chlorine free and 100% recyclable.

Acknowledgement of Country

“We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the Traditional Custodians of the Country we are operating on today. We recognise their continuing connection to the land and waters and thank them for protecting this coastline and its ecosystems since time immemorial. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and extend that respect to all First Nations people present today.”