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20 years of business and still evolving

We chatted with Kelly Green from Maurie + Eve about her journey from childhood to business woman and how the company is continuing to evolve and leave a positive mark on the fashion industry – here’s what she had to say…

Loess: Did you grow up in a household that was environmentally conscious? If so, what were some of the lessons your parents passed onto you?
Kelly Green: My Dad has spent over 3 decades working amongst nature. His affinity for planet and plant life is palpable, and so perhaps that’s where my passion for ‘green’ stems from. As children, we were taught to respect Mother Nature through succumbing to her beauty, recycling and reducing waste.


L: Maurie + Eve was founded in 2001, how does your current vision for the brand compare now to what it did back then?
KG: With full respect for every stage of the MAURIE + EVE journey, my vision has done a 180. My world has evolved over the last 20 years and as a mother, I have welcomed new perspectives, priorities, and with them, responsibilities. I see new possibility in my capacity to make change and this translates through the brand. What was once a mantra all about ‘bigger and better’ is now one dedicated to mindfulness and regeneration. Wear, share, repair, repeat.


L: In 2019 Maurie + Eve launched it’s first eco-collection ‘Nature In Balance’; were there any unexpected hurdles you encountered during the production of this collection?
KG: Absolutely! Claiming ‘eco’ is so much more than talking about it. Like everything, actions speak louder than words. We needed to take a good, hard look at our supply chain, and in turn, speak truthfully about its impact on the planet … not that we were hiding anything! We all know fashion weighs heavily on the world but discussing this openly felt confronting at first. You never truly know how your audience will react. Price point also proved a challenge. Conscious creations generally require greater investment, and so we needed to reflect this while maintaining our consumer’s expectations.


L: Since the beginning of Maurie + Eve, has sourcing ethically produced materials become more accessible over time?
KG: Yes! It has been so refreshing to see the industry shift towards systems and procedures geared at making this process easier and more economical for brands.

L: What’s next for Maurie + Eve? Think 6-12 months from now.
KG: We’ve spent the last 12 months working hard defining what it means to BE OUR BEST … statistics, facts, systems, timelines, and goals dedicated to our ideal state of a regenerative existence (watch this space!). I am working on a limited-edition unisex collaboration with artist Ash Holmes and cannot wait to jump on a plane and re-connect with our wonderful production teams.


L: What does a normal weekday look like for you and what do you enjoy the most about it?
KG: I work a 7-day week, however, break up my time as much as possible … daily ocean swims, meditation and enjoying my family is important. This includes time together – all of us – and one-on-one moments with each of them. Frequent Zooms with my beautiful team keep me inspired and connected. This year, I introduced a daily 3-hour window dedicated purely to creativity; quality headspace to design, invest and plan what’s next for MAURIE + EVE. I found this time offline and in my zone invaluable.


L: As someone who has started their own business which has been successfully growing for 20 years, what are the most important learnings you have had along the way that you would share to anyone wanting to start their own business?
KG: Stay on your path. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Your team is everything, find people who are unique in their ideas and strengths, yet passionate about the journey you’re on. Don’t forget to laugh – laugh more. Lastly, be kind – treat your fellow human spirits with care. We’re all navigating this world together.

L: What did 8 y/o Kelly want to be when she grew up?
KG: I absolutely loved a dress up opportunity. My mum’s 80s wardrobe or grandmother’s old modelling day pieces proved an endless source of entertainment for me … so perhaps a costume designer!


L: Tell us one thing about yourself that people wouldn’t know?
KG: I’m left-handed.


L: When choosing a perfume, what type of scents are you attracted to?
KG: I love an earthy, woody scent on myself but am drawn to fresh, vibrant fragrances on other people.

Kelly Green wears Céder, 100ml
Hints of Bergamot, Cedarwood, Tobacco

L: What’s your guilty pleasure?
KG: Loco Love! The peanut butter caramel gets me every single time!

L: We love hearing about businesses who are using their platform for good – tell us some brands you think people need to know about.
KG: Sun Lulu, Imbibe, Indosole, Nagnata


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